• This test attempts to meaningfully compare you to a ranking of seventy random, self-identified heterosexual women, based upon their scores generated from a correlation analysis. The higher your correlation with the women within this pool, the more likely your traits and preferences would tend to mirror or resemble those women within this pool, who would seem archetypal in a limited sense. As a disclaimer, I have made no pre-determinations as to which traits, preferences, or implied information are preferential. My purpose for generating this test was to interrogate presumptions that there are certain attributes which are obviously preferable. Why? Because all variables are scored ONLY according to their relative correlation with other variables. Please know the variable scores of all the women within the pool of seventy women exhibit an approximate bell-curve, thus suggestive of general variability. In general, be cautious in assuming that any one answer is "better" than another.

    I would invite anyone to offer me feedback as to how I might back this test better. Also, I have a topic posting, regarding this test, in the forum area of OKC. Thanks!