• So, most of us have a job. Those of us who don't probably have had at some point. Generally speaking, most of us have also been a subordinate to someone who made us want to staple things to their forehead. But who's to say that would be the best approach? Maybe it would, but maybe not.


    This is what the "Is Your Boss Evil?" Test sets about to uncover. Using the patented Bateman-Riley Scale*, this test will allow you to evaluate your boss, supervisor, manager, ring leader or pimp on two key variables: goodness/evilness and competence/incompetence. Your boss will then fall into one of nine Boss Archetype categories that will tell you whether your boss is doing a bang-up job, whether they're the devil incarnate, or whether they're just deeply stupid.


    To wrap things up, I'll provide you with hints and tips on how to deal with the archetype that your boss most resembles. For example, is your boss someone whose presence should immediately warrant hiding out in the copy room for the next two hours? Will your supervisor see through your attempts to win them over by offering sexual favours? Will your pimp be savvy enough to find out if you're cuttin' extra smack off the top of your tricks' payments?


    Also remember, if you're taking this test at work, you can close this window off quickly by pressing Alt+F4. Just try to look natural.



    LAUNCHED: August 7, 2007.

    UPDATED: October 24, 2008.

  • * Not actually patented by anyone named Bateman or Riley.