• Hello, I am writing another test, and hope you enjoy it as you did in the last one on the Guess the Language Test. This test will be a trivia test where you are challenged by the anatomy of the brain, and what the brain does. There will probably be some hard questions on this test, but I will try and make it as fun as possible for everyone. Good luck!


    06-18-09 - Been fixing a few spelling errors over the few days, nothing else as far as mistakes or scoring issues, guess I did better this time around.

    06-27-09 - Ok I jinxed myself, I had a scoring issue. Retyped the result for "zombies" to reflect it is a scoring bug with Helloquizy, for some reason the "give this result to everybody else" will not be deleted, it just comes back. so if you so happen to reach a score that isn't in a certain range you get the zombies. Well, I rewrote that to say it was a bug ins coring with a more detailed explanation till helloquizy helps me fix this "give this result to everybody else" issue. I would rather not have a default score and use my own raw scores I assigned.

    07-05-09 - Added text to the OCD question to make the correct answer make more sense.