Language Mistakes Test--Hard Even for English Geeks!

  • Hello all you word nerds, grammar geeks, and language buffs! I'm swankivy, your quizmaster for today, and I've been an editor for over a decade. In my vast experience in the field, I've seen certain errors made over and over again even by seasoned writers, editors, and pedants. If you think YOU of all people never make any of these mistakes, you're probably wrong.

    I'll be testing your knowledge in the following six areas: punctuation, capitalization, pronunciation, word usage, spelling, and vocabulary. Don't expect to see easy tasks like telling the difference between there, their, and there. I have seen English geeks miss every one of these.

    This test assumes American English (though I don't think I have any questions in which it particularly matters), and it also assumes you do not have another window open to Google the answers. I'm not impressed if you can look things up on the Internet, man. If you also want an accurate score of the knowledge you have (NOT the knowledge you can punch up on a search engine), take this test honestly.

    Oh, and if you do have questions, comments, or TYPO/ERROR REPORTS, for "Bob's" sake let me know.