• Hi! And welcome to my test. In this test you'll will find out if you are ready for a long term relatinship or still stuck in the just flings stage. Answer honestly fot the best results.

  • 1

    When seraching for a partner do you tend to go for those of the same race, opposite, or everyone is fare game?

  • 2

    What order do you hold these 3 factors in?

  • 3

    How much patience do you really have?

  • 4

    You and your boyfriend/girlfriend both have important events coming up on the same night at the same time. Your event is your favorite band playing in town and you're guaranteed front row seats.  Your partner's event is a silly 1 hour theatre play he/she is action in but they really want you there because it's a one night show. You dicuss the issue and they reply "Go to the concert if you want to, it's your decision." What event will you go to? 

  • 5

    You see your boyfriend/girlfriend in a a resturant with another man/woman and they are sitting very close to each other. What will be your closes reaction?

  • 6

    Your boyfriend/girlfriend is in a sad mood, cleary don't want to be alone, but won't say a thing. What do you do?