• Good ol' Michelangelo believed only male body proportions were perfect, the form God created by his own ideal. Maybe he thought that because he fancied  guys over girls, in sexual way ( i mean, he didn't have a single woman in his life, despite his models)  or because he worshiped something he couldn't have (you all know how he looked like, right?). However, it's none of our concern... The point is, this great artist presented to world the finest aesthetics of male body and changed deeply its perception. I thank him for that, you?


    Well, actually, i'm about to see how much you apreciate that "divine form"... If you are Michelangelo's disciple, "muscle addict", or someone who apreciates more mind over matter...


    Before we begin, just a few quick words:

    1. You'll be given pictures of various body types (with badly drawn heads;). Your job is to choose which body you like more.

    2. You must make your choice! If u skip it, it'll affect your score.

    3. You should have fun ;)

    4. You'll  get your result and a reward ;)

    P.s. If you wish, send me a feedback on which body suits your perception most! I'd be very thankful! ;)

    CAUTION: Beware of misleading (very juicy and naughty) comments below every pic ;p


    Let's go...