• Hi! And welcome to the Metal 220 Exam. I created this test in response to other metal tests that were either limited to knowledge of mainstream metal, i.e. Children of Bodom, Pantera, and Black Sabbath, had Slayer as every answer, or were so far to the extreme fringe of metal that they bordered on pretentiousness.


    I wanted to create a test that balanced out these factors, one that includes some of the mainstream elements that purists insist aren't metal as well as the extremes that mainstream metallers deem 'unlistenable'. Both philosophies are subjective, I'm sure, but the test is really about the sources of metal and its breadth of influence. I have no intentions on judging the type of metal you like; as long as it is hard and heavy, its all fine by me!


    This test is LENGTHY and DIFFICULT. That bears repeating...this test is tough! Less than 50% will get you a poor result. It will span several decades of music, several countries of interest, and will test both a surface knowledge of 'mainstream' metal as well as niche bands that only appeal to a select few. There will be some questions on lyrics, band photos, and the technical qualities of the various genres.


    It will be annoyingly easy at first, but never fear as it will get more and more difficult as the test goes on. By the end, I wouldn't blame you for hitting up google for answers. Just don't poke out your eyeballs.


    So without further ado, lets begin the exam!


    (Update 12-13-10. All variables have been streamlined and the grading system has been improved to accept more scores)