• As you can see I spent a long @$$ time making this, do not undervalue it or at 'least humor me'. Take it seriously. I took this exam and did not get the best score 79% online, 60% offline so yes I took it seriously.

    I honestly believe these tips will really change the Online Universe for most people. If you think there should be additional data or would like to send me a comment on 'why you received said results' send me a message to my account. Also FEED BACK is always a plus.

    This test may be long depending on your perception. In light of this, if you want to see the results just click the URL below. Regardless if you take this test or not the advice still can apply to you when you give yourself a general construct of how you engage online you'll know 'relatively' where you stand.


    This test is designed to determine your affiliation in the online world and is very thorough. The test focuses on the general components on how you feel about the online dating Universe versus offline dating and vice versa...

    Hints for all taking this. This test will determine whether you actually use this site for communication in any and all forms (any paradigm) Or if you are idling watching Or only temperarily extending your hand on this particular site, in laymens terms come and go as you please but have no real interaction whilst online.

    After completing this TEST regardless if you did it legitimately or not you will get a better idea on how to interact online, with tips and trades to combat the insane, non-guarantee system of dating in general.

    With any survey/poll or test you must be sincere with your answers, we all know some questions have iffy response but don't go complete opposite.

    Before you commence, as They say (Colloquial) "Don't hate the playa, hate the game"

    Meaning if you do in the end dislike the results consider why you were given those specific results. Also for your benefit regardless of what you get as a result READ all possible turnouts you'll learn something from each one I guarantee.

    Yes/No=Always, hence why there are conditional responses.