• Hi! And welcome to our test. I'll be using advanced logic and magic to determine your true nature. I'll ask you some questions about yourself and your interest, then I'll analyze you. If you score high enough a 75 or above maybe we should get to know you. We designed this test to find people who share our interest in bed. We are looking to meet those who are truely sincere about what they feel and want. This test is set-up so that we can find out what your real feelings are so be honest with your answers, not what you think we may want.

  • 1

    After looking at the picture above what is you first thought?


  • 2

    What are your feelings about younger woman with older men

  • 3

    If you had the chance to have a bi-sexual relationship with same sex would you concider it.

  • 4

    Do emotions have anything to do with sex

  • 5

    If I peed my pants what would you do

  • 6

    If I asked you to suck a mans cock would you be willing to

  • 7

    For the men; I would like you to have sex with a man in front me would do it for me

  • 8

    For the woman; I would like you to eat my pussy with my man would you be willing

  • 9

    Would you like to pee on me

  • 10

    I like my toys, would you like to use them with me and could I use them on you

  • 11

    What would you perfer

  • 12

    For the men; what would you say your penis size is

  • 13

    For the woman; what size penis do you perfer

  • The following are questions about your personallity and how it best matches ours.

  • 14

    If I was crying what would you do

  • 15

    At what temperature are you most comfortable

  • 16

    What is your fantasy

  • 17

    When having sex do you enjoy the use of drugs or pot

  • 18

    Which best discribes you


  • 19

    When it comes to sex what are you willing to try

  • 20

    How do you feel about a three-some

  • 21

    If we where to ask you to come and be in our bed would you concider it