• Like sex, the Pretty Damn Good Sexual Compatibility test will have many different faces. There are 40 questions in all so hang in there. We'll start out slow and Sensual and work our way to the more intimate and Aggressive. This test focuses on the 1-on-1 aspect of sexual encounters and not so much the fetish and ultra-kinky. Because of this, a lot of questions will query what you desire to do and what you desire to have done to you. While many of these questions have been asked in various forms already, this test differs in not only the number of answers you have to choose from but the type of answers to those questions and the diversity of those questions so THINK HARD and take your time.


    There will also be some miscellaneous question that will do nothing more than gauge your sexuality and mindset. While this test does measure two simple categories, Aggressiveness and Sensuality, the aim is to  reveal more about you and your sexual desires. It is also a great way to find a mate that feels the same way about sex as you and wants to experience sex the way you do. The Pretty Damn Good Sexual Compatibility test is definitely meant to be shared. Comparing answers just might land you your dream partner!