Proprioception: Do You Feel Me? (A Litmus Test)

  • This strange test is all about me, actually, even though it's about you.  They say it's cute and funny.  You will be scored on the following catagories:

    • Proprioception*
    • Sensuality
    • Athleticism
    • Leftness (politics)
    • Warriorismo
    • Creativity

    The scoring is highly subjective.  I mostly referenced how I felt right at the moment I was assigning scores.  For the really horrible answers, I allotted negative points on categories that had nothing to do with the question.   (Hey! I rarely get the opportunity to be so moody IRL!)


    *Proprioception describes the "sense" that allows you to mentally recognize and use parts of your body. For example, if I asked you to flex your bicep, you might strike a pose, mimicking a body-builder in a competition and then utter some Schwarzenegger quote or say "HULK SMASH!"  You just used proprioception to find and activate your bicep (plus a few other things that you totally didn't need to find and activate, thank you very much!)

    Just take the friggin test already!  It's fun!

    Seriously? I have mental superpowers but I need you to answer these questions for me to use them on you.