• The other Psychobilly quizzes on okcupid are really lame and their authors are obviously not very knowledgeable, so here's a fun one that might actually give you some worthwhile feedback.

  • 1

    In which nation is Psychobilly most identified with being created and first gaining a cult following?

  • 2

    What year is most commonly accredited with being when psychobilly, as we know it, was introduced?

  • 3

    which band's original lineup contained two members by the name Mark?

  • 4

    the first handful of psychobilly/neo rockabilly bands were, in big part, a direct reaction to which music scene?

  • 5

    which was the most crucial part of a psychobilly bands' appearance?

  • 6

    which band's lead singer is no longer living?

  • 7

    the newer, "punkabilly" powerhouse known as the phantom rockers pulled their name from the debut album's title of which original psychobilly band?

  • 8

    which psychobilly band formed before any of the other choices given below?

  • 9

    which group did not feature a lead singer who also played drums, in their original lineup?

  • 10

    which lead singer was p. paul fenech notorious for having it out with, since the beginning?

  • 11

    which band is from italy?

  • 12

    which band was not from germany?

  • 13

    which two bands have shared the same bass player for an LP?

  • 14

    which band released an 7" of covers depicting a fruity incognito of themselves?

  • 15

    which band, although using an upright bass, always played a more straightforward garage sound than rockabilly?

  • 16

    which album placed no. 40 in the psychobilly collectors series?

  • 17

    which french defunct band recorded one full length album and suffered the death of their bass player in the past 5 years?

  • 18

    which band once (but no longer) contained the psychobilly guitarist, alan wilson?

  • 19

    which batmobile album contains 3 johnny burnette covers?

  • 20

    which band is british?

  • 21

    which of the following bands lacked the rockabilly sound more than the rest?

  • 22

    which of the following was absolutely NOT known for using an electric bass?

  • 23

    which group below was NOT known for experimenting with or permanently using a saxaphone on one or more full length albums?

  • 24

    the meteors have been known to sing about the "planet zorch". which rockabilly singer, prior to the meteors, had included reference to zorch in some of his songs?

  • 25

    the polecats & psychobilly orchestra x have recorded "chicken walk" and the cramps have recorded "she said". who originally wrote these two classics?

  • 26

    which two bands has johnny bowler played bass in?

  • 27

    the tallboys covered "the fang". who originally recorded this space invader tune?