• This is a test you're likely to come across if you're taking a class on Human Sexuality, or perhaps even Basic Psychology.


    There are 20 questions, and it's a True/False test, just to keep things simple.  The questions are from actual psychology quizzes running around out there somewhere, though the verbiage of the questions was changed to make them a little more concise.



    Most of the questions on the test came from psychology texts, so they're not necessarily MY opinions, they are the opinions of (arguably) "Psychology Professionals".  If you're going to write and flame me, or tell me that -I- am wrong, save your time and mine, I'm not interested.  Feel free to write if you have constructive criticisms or corrections.  Saying an answer is right or wrong is not constructive.  They are what they are.  Please take it to your psychology professor / psychiatrist and clarify the anwer with them.


    There are no "trick questions".