• Since the random monkey generator ('Earth') cooled, we've had a jolly good innings.  
    We got started early and haven't looked back.  Even as a race, we've been around a very long time..  a very long time indeed.  Long enough, even, for one of our kind to bash out the complete works of Shakespeare - happily ending a dearth of quality literature and a long-standing theoretical debate amongst the dolphins.
    So, how monkey are you?  
    Gibbering gibbon V1.0 *beta* or Sapienz? Do you like to Ook about or do you prefer to think you're enlightened?  
    Every day we wake up to secure knowledge that we are so very much better than monkeys.  So much so, in fact, we take it for granted.  
    Well why wouldn't we?  Good god, look at them! We brush our teeth, build space stations, blow stuff up and shave our bits.  They muck about, pooh and snooze, so much so we laugh at them in zoos.  We drive.  They swing.  We make jokes about being, lovin' and even spanking the plucky scamps; for they are so dear to our hearts..  
    And yet, is this not all terribly ironic?
     At least in your case?  (Hmm?)