• Welcome to the Reading Comprehension Test.

    I'll be honest and admit that I'm only creating this because I want my profile to be at 100%.  With that said...

    This is here to test your reading comprehension.  What shall we use as the reading material? None other than my profile that I had to add a gajillion characters to in order to work toward profile completion.  Might as well put all those words to good use!

    To read my profile, just click on that little link right above these instructions that says scrabbledabble!

  • 1

    I have a super ability.  What is it?

  • 2

    Which author would I most enjoy a dinner with?

  • 3

    Which method of communication am I most likely to engage in?

  • 4

    What is AJ?

  • 5

    Based on what you've read, do you think I probably enjoyed the movie Iron Man?

  • 6

    Can you borrow my copy of Needful Things?

  • 7

    Have I been to college?

  • 8

    From what you've read, would you assume I've probably played World of Warcraft?

  • 9

    Of the following, which am I most likely to engage in?