• As human beings we have six basic needs that we must meet in some way and at some level, and we all find ways to meet these needs, although these ways do not always serve us.  No matter what race, sex, or religion we are, no matter where we are born or how we are raised, we, as human beings have the same six basic needs. We are not talking about things that we can do without, we are talking about things that are absolutely necessary for a us to live a happy, healthy life. We can meet these needs in positive ways or negative ways; we can meet them in attainable ways or sustainable ways.  An attainable way of meeting our needs might mean that we meet our needs in the short term but it may have negative consequences for us or others in the long term.  A sustainable way would be a way of meeting our needs in a healthy way that serves us both in the short term and the long term.

    The Six Human Needs:

    Certainty - The need to avoid pain and achieve comfort

    Variety / Uncertainty - The need for challenge, excitement and stimulation

    Significance - The need to feel unique, special, needed and worthy of attention

    Connection / Love - The need for connection with others

    Growth - The need to grow and develop

    Contribution - The need to contribute to that which is beyond you


    The following test is Copyright of and was designed by Cloe Madanes

    Every statement must be graded as: “No,” “Partly,” 

    or “Yes.” Honestly grade each statement: “Yes,”

    for “yes, this is really me.” “Partly” for this is partly

    how am,”and “No” for “This is probably not how am.” (If you don’t

    know whether it applies, it’s usually best to check “no.”)