• The sign on the device said "Do not under any circumstanses touch," but you figured, "Hey, the doc misspelled circumstances, so how serious could he be?" Smart move.

    The instant your finger reaches the button, a spark flies through you, making every hair on your body stand on end. Your eyes water. Your head swims. Your ears drown in the scream of the barrier between universes being broken. Your blood boils. Your boils bleed (and, yes, you have boils). You lose your lunch. Then the vast stomach of...let's say God, ok? loses you, and spits you into a back-alley of the multiverse, a place between worlds.

    You stand up and shake the interdimensional garbage from your labcoat, cursing the doctor for not being more clear in his warning and cursing yourself for taking a job in Doctor Von Crazi's applied quantum physics lab.

    You look around wondering how the hell you're going to get home. One end of this metaphorical back-alley exits onto a daunting and vast branching tree of possible universes, stretching into the untold infinities of time and space. At the other end is a chain-link fence, and it's pretty steep. Plus there's a mean looking dog on the other side.

    Fortunately, you're not alone. A friendly transient from one of the universes is warming his four hands on a trashcan fire, and he nods his two heads hello at you.

    "You touched the machine too, huh?" he says. "Yeah, there's a lot of us who got thrown out here."

    "Wait...you're me from another universe?" you ask, incredulously.

    "Sure," he says. "I stuck around in case any more of me showed up and needed directions back to their home universes. It's not hard once you narrow down what it can be. Let's see...one head, two hands, no horns, hrm..."

    He aims a remote control at the end of the alley showing all universes, and with a few clicks, the vast sea of possibility shrinks to a puddle.

    "OK," he snickers. "I've gotten rid of the obvious wrong answers, but I need some help from you. Hope you know something about your universe's history. Every wrong answer will take you further from your home universe. And who knows what will happen if you don't answer a question."