• Politics involves a lot of name calling and hurt feelings. Likely since the founding of the United States of America, and certainly over the course of the last sixty or so years, one special insult seems to be calling one's political opponents unpatriotic or even un-American.

    Usually, this is an unfair tactic, and simply a way to appeal to fickle voters' emotions. And yet, if "patriotism" means anything at all, then there must be some people who *are* in fact unpatriotic. This test is designed to decide whether you are, or are not, a Patriotic American.


    1. If you are very uncomfortable with the idea of someone asking you questions and then labeling whether you are, or are not, unpatriotic, then you might not want to take this test; that is exactly what this test is designed to do.
    2. This test does not mean to imply that being a Patriotic American is a good or a bad thing--you may assess the morality thereof as you please. It simply is to say that "Patriotic American" has a rough definition and some people will fit that definition while others will not.
    3. Some people might dislike the use of the term "American" to designate a citizen of the United States, as all residents of the American continents can rightly be described as such. It is not my intention to comment on this controversy other than to use the term as it is generally understood and accepted.
    4. People might well disagree with what constitutes a "Patriotic American." This test is written according to a specific understanding--my own--and you are welcome to disagree with my standards and/or write your own test, or not, as you see fit.

    Otherwise... Enjoy! :)