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  • Have you ever looked at one of the popular tests on here and wished that you had written it? If the answer is no, click back, you've come to the wrong place. If you wish to stay, I will teach you how.

    Right now, for 3 easy payments of nothing you can get Harpoleers2's guide to making a popular test on here. Some people on here are obsessed with answering questions, others with the tests, and a few like myself are obsessed with making them. The secrets I know will scare you (especially if you are my girlfriend and think I spend *way* to much time here).

    Inside you'll find all the tricks you need. At the end you'll see how well you did, and what you could have done better. Oh in case you are wondering about my credentials, I've created 6 tests with more than 10K takers (none on this name) and one with 100K plus, so I know what I'm talking about. This test will probably fall about 9900 short of the mark.

    Update- Okcupid has made some changes since I published this test, so a few things I've said are no longer applicable. They frequently make changes, and considering how unpopular this test is, I'm not planning to continually update it.