• Hi! And welcome to my How Easily Can I Be Hypnotized Test.

    This test was developed by professional hypnotherapists, based on years of experience with seeing what makes someone skilled at going into trance. It's is in use in many hypnotherapist's offices, including mine (which is a website), as a way to estimate how much time it will take to teach someone how to go into trance.

    Make no mistake, going into trance is a SKILL, just like drawing is a skill. Some people have more inclination for it, but everyone can do it with practice. Someone who paints or spent their school years doodling in exercise book margins will have an easier time learning drawing techniques. Similarly, some attitudes and mental skills will make learning trance easier.

    Trance is a natural state. You go into it just before sleep, when you see those weird vivid images. You go into it when you daydream. If you've ever walked or driven, while thinking of something, and suddenly realized you don't remember part of your journey, you've been in trance. Comparing daydreaming and hypnotic hallucinations is like comparing someone who walks and someone who runs. The only difference is one of degree.

    Everyone can be hypnotized, if they want to be (and the hypnotist is competent). If they don't want to be, they can't be hypnotized. Being in trance is like riding shotgun in one of the cars they use to teach driving. The hypnotist has the steering wheel, the accelerator and brakes. But you also have a break pedal, you're aware at all times, and you can stop it any time you choose. However, you're *choosing* to let them do the driving for a while, so you can get where you want to go.

    So let's test your hypno-aptitude now!
    (and look for other tests of mine for sexy hypnosis)

    The first ten questions are standard, and they are the ones that determine your HypnoSkill. The 11th one I added just for fun, and will alter my comments on the result.

    Please remember to rate the test at the end!