• We all have different taste in women. For example, I'm a straight girl and I appreciate curvy -- even big -- asses. But I also love classic, angular, high-cheekbone faces. Breasts, meanwhile, they just remind me to take out the garbage.

    Where do you stand? The Tits, Ass, and Cuteness Test will show you a series of pictures. Then, using some basic math, I will determine your exact taste in women. At the end of the test you'll learn the words and numbers that describe your strongest desires. If you're a gay male or straight female, I'm curious if you buy into the media's hype, so please take it anyway. Alternatively, I highly recommend This Test That Measures Your Taste In Men. It contains nice shots of dudes' packages, nicely contained.

    Yours online,
    chicken_pot_pie ["A" cup, bony ass, unmeasurable brains]