• Pizza is everywhere. (Well, it's not usually inside jack-o-lanterns or hanging from the wings of airliners, but it's *almost* everywhere.) And it's damn tasty. But not all pizza is created equal. Great toppings can elevate an otherwise mediocre pizza to mouth-watering status, while bad toppings can cancel out the delicious qualities of even the best crust and the tastiest sauce. Therefore, it is completely understandable that people are like pizza toppings, right? Think about it. Oh, shut up; who said I had to make sense?
  • What topping are you, anyway? This brief test (10 questions) will determine that, and then you'll know. And you'll be glad you know, even if the truth is sometimes hard to hear. So fire up your oven, toss your dough in the air, and get started!

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