The How Important Are Looks/Appearance to You Test

  • There is a picture of two attractive celebrities tailored to your tastes with every test result. ANYONE can take this test - Straight, gay, or bisexual guys or women.
    When I first joined OKCupid, I had seen WAY too many sexual compatibility and "ru the girl/guy 4 me" person specific types of tests. So I made this unique & fun little test that shows how critical you are about other people's physical appearance. It just asks questions about how important certain features are to you. These questions are not meant to reflect how I personally think other people should look.

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    I hope you find my test at least somewhat interesting and rate it accordingly when you get your results. Also, check out my other well written, highly rated tests (links open new windows):
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    If you are bi: This test essentially averages your reponses about males and females. So if you want to know how critical you are of one gender's looks instead of both, then only answer questions about one gender throughout the test.