• Ever wondered what it took to be an Evil Overlord? Think you have the appropriate amount of Evil, Intelligence, and Common Sense to oppress the masses, build the biggest super weapon, and reign forever as the ultimate evil bad ass?Well, now it's time to find out! The test is comprised of thirty questions and is divided into ten three-question segments. Each segment focuses on a particular area that the average aspiring Evil Overlord has to deal with during their reign. Each question in a given segment addresses one of the three following variables:

    1. Evil: Are you truly diabolical? Does light fade and life itself wither in your very shadow? Are you the complete anti-thesis of all that is good and holy? Or are you just pretending the part?

    2. Intelligence: Are you intelligent? Can you design and implement some of the most ingenious of Evil Plans ever to have existed? Or are you incapable of scheming your way out of a wet paper bag?

    3. Common Sense: Do you have the common sense necessary to know when launch Evil Plan B instead of Evil Plan A? Will you execute the Hero personally with a single shot to the head, or will he be tied up in old rope and slowly lowered into a large vat of bubbling hot oil? Or will you be overthrown by your own henchmen?

    How you respond will determine the point value obtained for that particular variable in a given segment, and ultimately, what kind of Overlord you are. At the end of the test, you will be given both your score of the three variables, and be shown the Evil Overlord that you most closely match, based upon your answers.