• This test is for anyone in a relationship. I am not a psychologist, but I have studied quite a bit on my own, including observation of close friends and my own explorations into these waters. So just for the fun of it, let's see if I think you are in a relationship that has what it takes, or if you're going to be on the curb with next week's garbage. Be warned, you might actually do some thinking while taking this test, but I still think you'll enjoy it (Please don't over think it either!) ;) Unlike my other tests, this one isn't all that short, but I wanted to do it right.

    A quick aside, please excuse me in advance for the fact that I have to use the term significant other or SO so many times, and that I am too lazy to write "her/him" over and over, so I just say "them", but I don't think it is too intrusive. Write me if you disagree.

    Thanks for taking my test and if you like it, don't forget to rate it! If you are motivated to rate my test a 3 or lower PLEASE write me and tell me why! This is a new test and I need to work out the kinks. I can't do that without feedback!
    P.S. You might also like my The Personality Matching Test , but you both have to have taken my Quick and Dirty Personality Test to take that one properly.