• Once upon a time the word "Indie" meant nothing more than "independent". Independent, as in independently finnanced artist or record label. But the tables have turned and the word indie seems almost Orwellian now. Conor Oberst is the voice of our generation, a person can actually physically be "Indie", and I feel uncomfortable in the fact that I like Broken Social Scene.

    But hey, since the word doesn't really have a meaning now, I've decided to put it in my test title to attract more people to it...and boy is this test unspecific! You're going to get questions that pertain to everything from 1960's psychedelia, to 1970's art-punk, to 1990's mainstream rock, which now, in the context of this test, all means "Indie". So enjoy. According to this month's Spin Magazine "How To Be Indie" section, admiting that you enjoy something is totally in. So do it.