• A MUST READ FOR EVERYONE First off, this test is for a man seeking a woman, but this front page is a good read to my insights of these compatibility tests. After doing so, if you have any opinions. Feel free to let me know what you think.

    UPDATE 1/22/06

    Thank you to everyone who has e-mailed me since the posting of this test. I enjoy reading your comments and your input to the test. I'm glad that this guideline has helped you!
    I have read a lot (and taken a very few) of these compatibility tests. Most of them are like clones. What kind of music do you like? What is your religion? Do you like movies? The list goes on and on. These are things that can and should be covered in your profile.

    Then, there are the tests that are out right easy to figure out what they want in a potential partner. For example, I came across a test where the whole basis of the test was finding someone with a great education. Every question was just about education. I would think if one was so inclined to find only those who had a great education, they would say something like . . . Please do not take this test unless you have a good education in 'X' or enjoy 'X' about education.

    Next, we come to the scoring of the all mighty compatibility test. "You scored 55% you suck! Don't contact me. We would never get along." "You scored 90% you’re awesome. You can IM me right away."

    What did I score on? Am I good looking enough for you? Am I confident enough for you? Am I sexual enough for you? Do you like my out look on life? The list goes on.

    So why not use more then one variable anyway? Why not use them all? There is no better reason then a compatibility test to use all variables. Honestly, I would like to have more then four variables for a test like this. You can ask deep questions, which can be scored four different ways that you feel fit.

    My next concern has to do with the way these questions are asked. Lots of the tests have answers and/or questions that are easy to find out how the creator wants you to answer. I have seen some great question in a few of these test. The writer just lets their subconscious/feelings get in the way of how the question is constructed. Then you answer the question the way they want you to because you notice it or because you want to score high on the test.

    You might be asking yourself. "Isn't that why OkCupid has the 'Improve Matches' button, where all of these questions can be answered and left up to OkCupid to figure it out?"

    Well, It doesn't always work. DON'T GET ME WRONG OKCUPID! Love the site. Love it. Honestly, I really do! It’s free why would I not? Unfortunately, 84% doesn't mean anything. I have looked at a profile that was matched 80%+ with me. Half way through the self summary I stop reading, because it felt like 10%. In addition, what if you want to ask a question that is very important to you, only to find out that it won't make the cut?

    So, now we come to the final factor. The fun factor. Yes, I know lots of these tests are put up just for fun. But, you can tell who is trying to be genuine. Those are the ones that could use this help. That is my whole point with the slaying of the compatibility test. With that said here is my formula.

    First Do not start your introduction in the wrong way. "I just want to know if anyone can put up with me." "I'm only doing this because 'X'." "I thought I might jump on board with everyone else and make one of these test and because im bored." These are just a few of the things not to say. Talk about yourself a little bit. DON'T be shy. Even if you are shy. You should know yourself enough to make a small statement with information that will detour people that are not going to match with you. Don't worry about what you write about yourself. Just as long as you are honest. Also, don't add negative things about yourself, unless you think that it is absolutely necessary. If you feel this way, don't load your introduction with negativity.

    Second Some people may see this as a bad thing to do, but I don't. We all have our major turn ons/offs. And, we all should know what we want in some way. Knowing this does not make you a snob or anything like that. Don't feel bad because of your taste. It makes you honest, secure, and confident to know these things. So, be straight froward. After your introduction, tell them why they should NOT take your test. You might want to even point out a few things about yourself that are on your profile, instead of asking a question about it on the test. I'm talking about the REALLY important things. Believe it or not, some people will take your test and not even look at your profile first!

    There are a few people that I notice asked the question. "Did you read my profile?" Yes, they might lie or they just might stop and read it before moving on. One test I read, the woman asked questions about what she put in her profile! That was funny, but very clever.
    UPDATE 1/22/06

    This update has to to with part two of my guidline. I received an e-mail from harrycalder. I agree with him on his point and wanted to post it for everyone else to read. He said, as follows...

    "Just a word about your advice regarding taking/constructing compatibility tests.... Most of what you have to say on the topic makes sense to me (though I don't abide by all of it). The one thing I would tend to disagree with is thinking it's a BAD thing to take someone's compatibility test without looking at their profile first.

    I find that, because most ladies tend to make the bias mistakes you speak of in contructing their tests, reading their profiles beforehand might further serve to bias my responses, perhaps even only on a subconscious level. I prefer to browse the test, make sure the author is female, and if I score well then look at her profile. Not that doing so has gotten me a great number of dates or anything, but at least I get to enjoy the sense that I didn't "poison" the results by simply parroting what I think she wants to hear. As in all things, YMMV."

    Thank you harrycalder. This is a good point. It is also why it is a good idea to add things to your introduction on why we should and should not take the test.
    Third Use more then one variable. Think about what is most important to you. OkCupid only gives us four to use, so make them good. Then just direct your question to those variables. Multi variables are fun. Don't let them know what they are being tested on with each variable. That brings me to my next point.

    Fourth Some people will be honest, but you have to weed out those who are not going to be honest. This is easy, if you don't ask questions in such a way that they know what answer to pick. Be tricky with your questions. Think about them all the way through. Take your time. Don't add funny remarks or remarks that could be interpreted in a negative way in your answers or questions. This will give you away. Try to make all the answers positive. Write the answers like you might agree with all of them.

    Fifth Don't ask only five or ten questions.(Unless, you are just not picky about your potential partner) Try not to ask one hundred questions either. I would say 40 is about right and no more then 60. But, if you're one of those people that have a lot of questions to ask, make sure you let the reader know first. It's just polite.

    I have come up with 42 questions in my test. Feel free to take a look at them. If you are here to take my test to see if we are compatible, below you will find a few paragraphs to read before you take my test.

    Taking all of that into consideration should really help your test. Good Luck with your compatibility test! Check back for any further updates that may be added. You may have a great idea about these test that could help out your fellow compatibility test writer. Also, please check out my other tests!
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    Ladies, welcome to my compatibility test. I'm guessing that you have read my profile and are now asking yourself. "What more might we have in common?" Or, you are just a test junkie like myself. Whatever the case might be, thanks for taking my test.

    A few things about myself:

    I live in a red state and aspire, one day to make it blue. I am very bright and aware of my surroundings. I'm 6 foot 4 inches tall or 193.04 centimeters and im not going to lie. I looked that up.

    When it rains outside, I think it looks as beautiful as a sunny day. I enjoy watching the science, history, or biography channel. I like the world news, but the local news, not so much. I like old game shows, but not old movies. I'm very well like by all my peers and make friends easily. I found OkCupid while I was looking for a test on the internet. I am more mature then my age, but I know how to let loose and have a good time. If I had a million dollars, I'd be rich.

    A few reasons why you should not take this test:

    You are not an Atheist. You can't stand to listen to old time music like Frank Sinatra once in a while. You are not a straight woman. You don't like to cuddle at all. You're only looking for sex. You're not between the ages of 21-36. You are racist or very judgmental of the people around you. You do drugs. If you don't consider yourself to be a down to earth woman/the girl next door that is ready to settle down, with her wild days behind her.