• Hi! Welcome to my personality test. Unfortunately, I don't mean dirty as in sexual - just uncomplicated. :) If you have ever heard of Myers Briggs (MBTI)or Keirsey Bates Personality typing, you probably took a 70 question test that was long and boring. I will reduce it to 10 questions and still give you accurate results (I hope!). If 10 questions is too many for you, you can also take this personality test by my friend vincex vincex's shorter version of this test. He gives the types some more fun names than the classic ones I used. Let one of us know if your 4 letter results don't match from his test to mine, though.
    But if this test is too short for you and you want to try the official longer version, I have created that test here as well. The real deal.
    NEW!!!!! I have added a test you can take to tell you what personality type you should be looking for! Take it here.
    Also, I welcome any feedback and try to respond to everyone, so feel free to drop me a line. :)

    The test measures you in four different areas. It will measure whether you are more introverted or extroverted, which I had to reduce to a single word which I called outgoing. It will measure if you are more concerned with reality and facts or ideas and intuitions, which I reduced to the single word observant. It will measure whether you are more logic based or feelings based, which I reduced to logical . Finally, it will measure if you are more go with the flow or someone who likes to have a plan, which I called structured.

    Most of the questions will have two choices, which are usually pretty extreme. Please pick the one that is closest to you, even if it doesn't apply exactly as it was written.

    This is based on real science that I study and I put a lot of work into this. You can go to keirsey.com for a more in depth explanation of your personality and how it all works once I give you the results.

    Thanks and don't forget to rate my test!

    *It now includes descriptions of your type within the context of a relationship!