• This test is brutally honest. If you're a sensitive mamsy-pansy mummy's boy, this probably isn't the test for you. However, if you do choose to take it, don't be offended if it classifies you as "mamsy-pansy mummy's boy."

    Personality tests these days tend to follow the "compliment sandwich" rule.

    First they list your positive attributes, then they gloss over the negative ones as quickly as possible, finishing up with another uplifting compliment.

    Of course, this leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside because the test said that you were a "fun-loving, enthusiastic person," when you're more like a hyperactive kangaroo on crack.

    Or perhaps you've been told that you're "rational, logical and generally intelligent." Translation: Take a shower once in a while. I can smell you from here.

    This test is different from all the others. This test leaves out the compliments altogether. This test is absolutely, unquestionably, ruthlessly, brutally honest.

    Disclaimer: Please don't take this test too seriously. This test is for entertainment purposes. Expect to be insulted.