• There's a faceless girl who is in quite a few of my fantasies, and I want to know who she is. So, we'll go through a couple of these fantasies and see if you fit in with how she acts.

    Important! These are all fantasies, not reality. So you can choose answers that you wouldn't pick for a real life encounter, but try not to pick the most outlandish answer in the hopes that you'll score 100%. Pick what you like most out of the answers. If you score 0%, all that means is that different things turn us on, and since these are MY fantasies, they're likely to be more male inclined.

    Too much to read? Let me cut it down: Be honest, have fun, and a low score does not mean there's something wrong with you!

    I've made this test easier! Since it seemed like nobody could ever clock it, the scoring system has been shaken up a little. You now have more chance of turning up in my fantasies. Better erotica through mathematics :P As a result, I nuked all the old scores. Sorry about that.

    Now then, it's time for our minds to wander together. Let's begin...