• The old Warner Bros. Loony Tunes... A world where Sauve bachelors chilled in their dens drinking carrot juice, engineers designed complex mechanical devices that inevitably failed catastrophically, bombs with a lit fuses could be found under every rock, short, heavily armed, balding men roamed the countryside with impunity, and anvils rained from the sky. Really, not that different from the world we live in... except maybe for the whole anvil part.

    Few people, however, realize that visionaries like Chuck Jones, Mel Blanc, and the rest Warner Bros. crew went far beyond simple cartooning. They succeeded in creating templates that outlined the basic principles that define human character... then proceeded to give them a goofy expression after having a bomb blowup in their face. To fully comprehend all the subtleties that are layered onto each and every classic character would take a lifetime. However, through careful scientific analysis and brilliant methodology, I have taken it upon myself the Herculean task of finding and describing the broadest eight of the many templates and attempt, with all modesty, to cover the complete expanse of human personality... or at least amuse you dear viewer.

    Feedback is welcome, and remember boys and girls, it's only an internet quiz ;-)

    Oh, and always remember, it's a left at Albuquerque.