• Fashion guru or fashion victim? Unique or banal? Tasteful or tasteless? If you have ever wondered what your fashion style is and how people react to it, this test is for you.
  • Measuring four variables, the test will unmistakably put you in one of sixteen categories and give you a definite answer for the questions that don't let you sleep at night.
    The test doesn't measure how well you know fashion or whether you're aware of the current trends because, frankly, who cares. What it shows instead is how you feel about clothes and fashion.

    DISCLAIMER: The test reflects my personal opinions about dressing and fashion styles. If you feel offended, well, you probably take things too seriously.

    All the art used in this test is copyrighted by me.

    As of March '06 I have changed scoring. I haven't deleted your results buy you might want to retake the test for the categories to show correctly.