• Tarot serves many purposes. It can help you figure out situations, and guide you in making decisions. Some believe it may even help you see into your future or that of your loved ones. 

    I believe the tarot can really serve as a “spiritual mirror.” Sometimes it is easier to accept what we see instead of what we feel. By using the tarot, one can visually describe what is going on in their minds.

    As with any trek or journey one needs a guide. When one meditates with the tarot, they invoke a Guide to help them on their journey of self enlightenment.

    This test will help determine which member of the Higher Arcana shall be your guide on the next leg of your journey.  It will tell you which card truly represents you and how you feel when you approach situations. Remembers this card represents you, and thus you have to take into consideration this card whenever you make a decision…because essentially the story of the card is the story of your life.



    The images of the Tarot Cards come from “The Cosmic Tribe Tarot.” Images by Stevee Postman.