• This test does a simple calculation that will determine if you are a real may-december person, or someone who is coming out and exploring the ages, or simple just want people to stick with their own age bracket.  


    May-December relationships have been around for a long time, but not easily accepted by others, especially very large age gaps. Many have been accepted, usually when related to someone of high authority though. Mays (the younger person)  and Decembers (the older person) have always been relationships or marriages where the couple is 10 years or more apart in age. Anything 10 years (a decade) or less would not be.


    This is not a cougar test. Cougars, which can also develop into May-December relationships, generally deal with a beginning stage of searching and discovery, or as some people like to put it, the "party stage". This test will find if you are looking for more than that in a relationship, in pursuit of much more.