Test if you are uncomfortable in public restrooms?

  • Hi! And welcome to my test. You will find out if you are shy around other people when you are in the restrooom.

  • 1

    Would you avoid a clean fancy public washroom, even if had to go badly?

  • 2

    If someone looked at your face or upperbody while you are using a restroom, would you feel uncomfertable?

  • 3

    Does have having someone else in the restroom make you wash your hands more?

  • 4

    When you were a kid, did you have acidents because you avoided pubic restrooms?

  • 5

    If you were using the restroom and you had a peeping tom next to you, you would?

  • 6

    Which type of toilet do you prefer?

  • 7

    If a restroom was really dirty and you had go, would you?