Test: What type of vampire are you! (not twillight-related!)

  • Everyone knows the stories about vampires. They sleep at day, wake up at night solely to feed on human blood. Red is their favorite colour and their face looks pale, they are bad against sunlight and have big, white, sharp fangs. But none of this is true (in this test at least).

    Vampires are actually just like humans, a human with superhuman strengths that requires them to drain off energy from blood to survive. Sure they like the night, but it does not make them incapable of walking around in daytime. So in my test, what type of vampire would you be in these conditions? Are you Gruesome? Patient? Kind? Loved? Hated? and how do we call your type of vampire? Do this wacky test and find out.

    Note: Answer the questions like you would have as a human, not as a vampire (unless differently specified). This is to determine the results better.