• Ever felt as if though someone else is in charge of your life? Ever nourished suspicions that "society" and the world is nothing but a game of chess, played by forces beyond your control? Ever felt like a mindless puppet?


    No? Never? Well that's how good they are! They control your mind and you don't even notice! At least with the help of this quiz you'll find out who "they" really are. You'll also get someone to blame for everything that goes wrong in your life, which might come in handy...


    Some people are shocked when they find out the truth. The best way to handle this is to breathe deeply and focus on a simple task, which is why you should rate this test after finishing it. Also, make sure that you tell everyone you know about it, BECAUSE THE TRUTH MUST BE KNOWN!

  • Disclaimer: The creator of this test has been clinically classified as Stark Crazy and should not be trusted. All information revealed in this test is strictly meant for entertainment purposes and may not be used as educational material in any part f the civilized world. Well, maybe in Kansas. People easily offended by much anything should not take this test. Don't worry. Everything is under control!