• How much do YOU know about the past?
  • Welcome to my test. I'll be using advanced logic and magic to determine your level of knowledge about things that have happened around the world, from the age of the caveman through recent history. I'll try to keep you entertained by mixing in a bit of wit and silliness along the way. Watch out, there may be a few trick questions along the way as well. Hopefully some of the questions will spark an interest and encourage you to read more about history. Enjoy!
  • 1

    Which of these was not one of our early ancestors?


  • 2

    The earliest pyramidal structures were built by the:

  • 3

    Which of these "ages" of man came first?


  • 4

    What was the historical significance of Pompeii?

  • 5

    According to the Mayans, in what year was/is the world supposed to end?

  • 6

    In which modern-day country are the earliest cave paintings attributed to man located?

  • 7

    Which of the following was considered to be a god?

  • 8

    Which of the following was not a civilization on the North American Continent?

  • 9

    The belief system of Buddhism originated in which country?

  • 10

    Tyrannosaurus Rex lived during which period of time?