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    If you're not interested in a summary of what control dramas are, just scroll down and hit the button to go the next page and start the test.

  • So just how manipulative are you? Do you know how you control your environment? Because most of us have ways to control our environment, such we learned in our early family. What worked there set the standards for what we continued to see as normal as we grew up. Sometimes, these tendencies for control develop in later stages of life, such as in bad relationships, rather than or as well as in childhood.

    This test won't focus on any positive aspects of your personality, but rather give you summary of which way you're likely to swing in a tight spot, and how you control the people around you. Because control dramas are ways to control our environment, and there are many examples of this during the test.


    So how did your parents treat you? -and what reactions did that provoke from you? Did they threaten you, did they interrogate you, did they not give you enough attention, were they guilt tripping you? Even though your parents may have been fine to you, they're human too, and are bound to have made impacts on you; even though your control drama may be small, it might still be enough to measure. And without total psychological and emotional balance they will keep playing an important role in our lives.


    If you're afraid to get some of your flaws pointed out, or rather your manipulative tendencies, this test is not for you! But if you want to see something about yourself written down in text, explained, or if you genuinly don't know anything about control dramas - or, really, whatever the case - feel free to enter; I can almost promise you, with some percentage as a margin, that this test won't lie.


    The book this was inspired by, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, is one I highly recommend.