• They're out there, we hear stories of them at game conventions. We meet them in hobby stores and maybe, just maybe there's one in your gaming group. But here's the real question, are you a powergamer? Do you know how to craft characters that are so broken that they force the game master to cheat on a regular basis?


    Lets find out



    -On a side note my experince has been primarly with D&D, so we're going to assume that's the system in question, just answer them as best they fit to whatever game you like to be a munchkin in.


    Also, in case your confused some excerpts from wikki

    Über: an online gaming term for a player or object that is considered superior

    Munchkin:  In role-playing games, a player who plays a normally cooperative game exclusively for the purposes of "winning", usually at the cost of the other players' enjoyment of the game.

    Powergaming: a particular way of playing in which the emphasis lies on developing a player character that is as powerful as possible

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