• Hi! And welcome to my 'How Perverted are you?' Test. This test will measure how perverted you are, and if you are a ass- or breasts-person.

    This test was written primarily for men, if you are a woman or gay man you might have some problems with some of the questions, sorry ;)

    WARNING: This test includes images of explicit nudity.
    Only continue if you are at least 18 years old.

    » The test has been completely rewritten on October 22nd! Now there should be an even balance between Ass and Tits.

    » Slight edits on October 25th. Result Category 9 (Dirty Pervert) is probably still unreachable (low Tits, low Ass, high Perv) unless skipping questions (added option "none" for most questions).
    » Also added links to most Result Categorys on the Result-page.

    Questions? Suggestions? Requests? Hate-mail? Message me!