• Well come to the Am I A Rice-Queen Test.

    This test is geared toward white or black gay men (Like what isn't nowadays? Don't blame me, blame the Fab 5)

    From your most truthful answers to the upcoming queeries, we will attempt to unscientifically gauge (in other words: through the use of stereotypes and other myths and legends) how compatible you are with gay Asian men After taking this short test, you'll quickly discover whether or not your personality traits make you:

    1. An open-minded man of the world who never dates or selects a mate based on racial criteria
    2. A flaming Rice Queen, who is most happy when dating men from Asia - More specifically, men from East Asia
    3. If a self described rice queen with a high score - A good catch for a Potato Queen

    So, without further ado, let's get started...