• (Updated 9/2)
    The Issues Test
  • Note: This test is focused on US political views. Sorry! You're still free to take it and provide some world perspective, but the results will probably be off.

    I took the standard political test and found it rather lacking. The real world has a host of nuanced circumstances that demand individual attention. Hopefully this test will cover some of the major issues in enough detail to really decide where you stand.

    Unlike other tests that beat around the bushes then try to predict what's inside, I'll try not to trick you. This is a cooperative effort, between you and me, to determine what you actually think.

    The breakdown is above. I split the classic social dimension into two variables: freedom to harm others and freedom to harm yourself. "Harm" is a simple explanation for a complicated ideological clash. Harming others generally means imposing upon their world in a way they don't want, while harming self means actions only affecting the self that others are morally opposed to.

    As an example, your right to use drugs deals with freedom to harm yourself, whereas your right as a student at a public school to lead a prayer during school hours deals with your right to "harm" others (infringing on their right to freedom from religion).

    The economic responsibilities dimension is largely the same as the classic liberal/conservative economic dimension, but in case there are any differences note the basic viewpoints of the polar extremes. This dimension deals with a person's responsibilities towards society in general, and society's responsibility towards the person (they are mirrored).

    Note that because of the way I do scoring, strong opinions will quickly push you into the extremes. Read questions carefully to decide if you really feel strongly about it!

    A final warning: I probably totally failed and deserve to burn for wasting your time. In particular, if you have extreme views you will probably be clumped in a general liberal/conservative category, merely because I ran into the okc category limit. But misery loves company, so good luck... (and feel free to tell me how totally inaccurate it is -- or particularly offer suggestions!)


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