The (You had to have seen it coming!) What is your quest, test! Test

  • BOOOO! I'm John Cleese and I've got an extraordinary costume. I'd grin like a giddy schoolgirl if it weren't for these knobby horns forcing me to scowl all the time. Why must I scowl all the time. Oh! Right! I do have this nifty stick which lets me throw fire all over the place. That does take the edge off things a bit, now doesn't it? I bet you thought this was a Monty Python quiz where you tested your vast, and come on now, admit it, relatively useless, knoweldge of Monty Python quotes. BOOOOO! You're WRONG! This is just a good bit of fun and I hope you'll stay along for the ride. You just might learn something along the way and besides...someone's got to get suckered into buying that damn shrubbery! PS: This is my first test and I'm still working on the scoring. DON'T HATE ME!!