• Hello Ladies . . .

    Welcome to my compatibility exam. *nods* First things first . . . Allow me to introduce myself:

    *Holds hand out to shake with a warm friendly smile*

    "I'm Greg, a friendly guy with what I like to call . . . A COOL HARD EDGE"

    I've been a member of OkCupid for over a year now, and have never really attempted to make more out of it than a wonderful place to meet 'FRIENDS'.

    I guess I'm making this test just to see if indeed there may be someone in which a spark can blossom into a raging fire . . .

    *wink*Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com

  • I'll be grading this on 5 levels.

    Of the 4 answers, one is my option which if you answer the same as me would make us closer to a match.

    The others are graded by the importance to how I would like my potential mate to respond.

    If none of the answer are one of your choosing, please just skip over it (there very well could be all wrong answer)

    Please just answer honestly, for you will be categorized fairly with a witty and fun level of friendship or a celebratory Image hosted by Photobucket.com"YOU ARE MY DREAM COME TRUE"

    In any case have fun and drop me a message if you would enjoy a fun-filled adventure or a journey threw this nutty gentleman's friendship.