• Called the American Century by some, the 20th Century was a time of drastic political, social, and technological upheaval. The roots of almost every modern conflict were solidified in the 1900's, so a passing literacy with the events that unfolded within those hundred years is something of a life skill. Sadly, many Americans, including some or most of our leaders, remain oblivious to anything that happened as long ago as last year, let alone two generations ago in another country.

    In the interest of separating the wheat from the chaffe in terms of historical literacy, I have designed this test to measure one's knowledge of the events which shaped the 20th Century. Questions range from the very broad and general to the less broad and general, but there's really very little here that SHOULD elude the average person of reasonable intelligence.

    By the way, skipping question counts off, so you may as well guess.

    BE ADVISED: This is an adults-only test. Legally, that means anyone 18 and up. In it's most technical sense, that means ADULTS, as in people who are emotionally and intellectually mature enough not to be offended when I use four-letter words to describe things like economic depression and genocide.