• This test assesses whether your knowledge of movies spans the 20th century or if you only know the movies of just one period. Do you love all movies, including the classics? Or do you live in ignorance of all that happened before you were born? Do you have a fascination with movies of the 1940s but little interest in anything other time period? This test will show whether you have movie knowledge that spans the 20th century or only a given period or two. And some may be surprised to learn how many "new" movies are actually remakes. This is not a test of obscure or very esoteric information. Someone who loves movies of all different genres made during all different times during the 20th century will know the answers to all or most of the questions.

    This test is just for fun and not a put-down to those who know only the films of their own generation. No ridicule, no harm, no foul. I hope it encourages people to broaden their movie viewing habits. There's lots of beauty out there to see, folks. Let's not miss any just because it's not the newest, hottest, etc. BFD of our time. Oh, and no fair opening a new window and looking up the answers on the IMDB as you go along! ;-)