• You wake up and are feeling ill. You struggle to get yourself out of bed and decide to go to work anyways. At your lunch break you're still feeling like crap so you admit yourself to the emergency room. Upon your reception, the attending doctor informs you that you've been poisoned with a deadly virus. There is no cure, and you're told you have 24 hours to live. During this time you will function totally normally, but at the 24th hour, you'll just peel over and die. This is a test to see what kind of person you are based upon how you answer the given questions.
  • 1
    Your first reaction...

  • 2
    First person you tell...

  • 3
    You'd spend most of the next 24 hours doing various illegal activities.

  • 4
    You'd be very close with your family and friends.

  • 5
    You'd participate in activities that are likely to get you killed before the 24-hour time period is up.

  • 6
    You'd make sure to have sex.

  • 7
    Your last meal...

  • 8
    How you'd spend your last few minutes...