• Ever been driving along, humming a song, and when you go to flip on the radio it picks up right where you left off? Do you know who's calling you before the phone even rings? Do you have a crappy show on TV where you use cold-reading and careful editing to make people believe that you can talk to the dead?

    In any case, now is the chance to find out. Do you really have any psychic powers, or is it all in your mind?

    Author Notice: So far the high score is 41%... Can you beat Dobner? So far she's the most psychic person on OkCupid.

  • Note: This test will be a work in progress, so bear with me. I'd love to hear any feedback you're willing to give me, and stay close to this test for updates. Mainly I'm wondering if I should make it longer. I could easily do 10 questions per section instead of 5. This will give you more accurate indications at the end. I was just worried about making it too long. Thanks!