• After hearing some valid complaints about many sexuality spectrum tests from the homosexual community, I thought I'd make one that I hope is a little more fair and accurately reflects your entire experience as well as your future desires for relationships and sex.

    Sex is one of those funny things that falls on a spectrum, somewhere between "completely straight" and "completely gay" for most people. To muddy up the waters even more, sexual desire also falls along a spectrum, from completely asexual to highly sexed.

    Anwser the questions honestly, and we'll see where you fall within these spetrums.

    For those who are intersexed or transgendered, anwser questions for past sexual relationships as the gender that you thought you were at that time, and for current and future questions, anwser as you would as your desired or current gender.

    I am extremely interested in hearing comments and questions about this test, especially from transgendered and bisexual people. I'll try to anwser any questions I get.